Coloring Pages of Christmas Balls

As I’m writing this article, it’s only 53 days before Christmas. I’d thought to start working on my Christmas coloring book. The one I got is Johanna’s Christmas. I got this book 3 years ago and have colored a few pages. I would like to share with you some tips when I’m coloring pages of Christmas balls. On this page, I’ve challenged myself to use only Faber Castell Classic Colored Pencils. I usually combine media but I would like to see how cheaper pencils work by itself as well. Let’s see if it can achieve the result I want.

Things Needed

  • Johanna’s Christmas – An adult coloring book by Johanna Basford
  • Faber Castell Classic Colored Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Blank sheets of paper – for testing colors and to place in between the coloring pages to avoid staining the next pages.
  • Baby Oil – for blending
  • Art brush – to use with baby oil.
  • Paper towel – to wipe excess baby oil from brush.

Steps on Coloring Pages of Christmas Balls

This is the page I’m currently working on. To achieve those orange and gold balls, I’m going to show you how I did it step by step.


For the Orange Background:

  1. Pick colors that are of the same shade that has darkest to light intensity. In this case I’ve chosen different shades of orange. In this case Faber Castell Classic numbers 326, 321, 318, and 314 where 326 is the darkest and 314 is the lightest.



2. Outline the inside part of the Christmas ball with 326. You need to have a very sharp pencil for this one to achieve around 2mm space from the circle. This is where I got to use my eraser mostly. This trick will create a glittery Christmas ball.


3. Color a portion of the inner circle with 326. Just very lightly as we will need to layer the colors later.


4. Pick up pencil 321 and color the area that you’ve colored with 326. Overlap and extend a bit further. Again just color lightly. Be mindful to leave some space for the 318 and 314.


5. Pick up pencil 318 and overlap what you’ve colored with 321 and extend a bit further leaving a round space.


6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you achieve a well blended colors.


7. Color the round space with the lightest color 314.


8. Go over with the colors again if you prefer.


9. On the 2mm that you’ve outlined earlier, color the space with the lightest color 314. This creates a shiny/glittery effect.


For the Gold Accent:

  1. Same as the technique above, I’ve picked some colors from darkest to lightest and these are 376, 387, 383 and 304. This is to create a gold effect. Please be aware that using a gold metallic pencil won’t do the job. You won’t get that shiny effect.


2. Again, same as above, outline the inner circle with the darkest shade and that is 376.

3. Lightly color with 376. Some areas are really small so just make sure to color just a very small space to give room for some highlights.

4. Pick up pencil 387 and color the area that you’ve colored with 376 and extend a bit further.

5. Pick up pencil 383 and color the area that you’ve colored with 387 and extend a bit further.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until the colors are blended.


7. Color the remaining part with 304 to highlight.

8.Color the inner circle that you’ve left with 2mm space with the lightest orange 304.

9. Go over with the colors again to achieve desired results.

Blending with Baby Oil

The last step of coloring this Christmas ball is to blend the colors with baby oil. I prefer baby oil than solvent because it’s non-toxic. The brush that I’ve used is a pointed brush that was part of a set which I bought from Officeworks in Australia.

To use this dip the brush in baby oil and wipe the excess. You don’t want your page to be soaked with baby oil. Then start from lightest to the darkest shade. Repeat the procedure for other colors.

Blending with baby oil enhances the color of the pencils. You can still go over the area with pencils after applying baby oil if you need to.


Cheap Pencils Work in this Case

I’m quite happy on how this turned out. The color was intense and I was able to achieve a well blended colors. Though I needed to go over the colors several times, it did achieve what I want. So for those on a budget and spending on artist quality pencils is not yet possible, Faber Castell Classic does the job.

I would like to thank Colour with Claire for the inspiration.

Hope you learned some tips on coloring Christmas pages and please leave your comments below if you’ve got some feedback or questions.




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